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Job oriented Training for ESP Teachers and sharing their findings globally and locally

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 Title of the session:

Job oriented training for ESP teachers: Sharing their findings locally and globally







The central mission of any University and college is to achieve excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education, they provide superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at various levels to students and professionals, they contribute to the advancement of society and nation through creative activity, scholarly development of new knowledge, research, and public service.


Universities and Colleges prefer to hiring their faculty with an additional value and that is ESP Knowledge It must be due to students' majors and related digital skills for delivering classes  But the higher education organizations have a great shortage of those specialists The only way is to educate and train potential ESP Teachers in online pieces of training


Target audience: GE teachers, who plan to teach to future specialists according to learners' majors As an ESP Teachers we must know more on our students'majors  The number of majors offered in higher education in Uzbekistan is over 270, and the number of specialties is over 600. We'd focus on  ESP and EAP issues according to the needs of countries presented by moderators and based on their knowledge on educational environments in their universities, colleagues  


Session objectives:

The core objective is to develop skills in participants to enable them to educate leaders of the future in technology, industry, and business and other professions, who will contribute to the development of the nation and human society. By the end of this session, participants will have a list of vocabulary, specific to their related ESP areas, created videos for their ESP Flipped classes, write case studies on educational environments at their colleges, universities


Syllabi for Trainees with names of Moderators and outlined assignments for 5 weeks are at :



Suggested sponsor(s): 


The hashtag is:  #EvoUzbekistan2019


Registration starts in January  


To join this group:

Join the Google+ Community at



From January 07. 2019


  1. Go to: 
  2. Log in the first and each time using one of the following: Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn 
  3. Enrol in 






Name (last, first)

Email address

Location (country of residence)

Biodata (not more than 50 words)  

Ozimova Halima halmbaprof@gmail.com Uzbekistan, Tashkent Halima is an emeritus  European MBA Lecturer, today she is  a Freelancer 
Dr. Botir Usmanov botirjon@yahoo.com Uzbekistan, Tashkent Dr. Botir Usmonov is the Vice-rector of Tashkent University of information technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi  





































Kalanov Ulugbek





Ulugbek is an ICT Specialist, the Head of CISCO Academy at South Korean Inha University in Tashkent



Sherzod Gulomov sherhisor30@gmail.com Uzbekistan Sherzod is from Andijon region; graduated his Master's in Europe he recently promoted & defended his Ph.D. Dissertation; he works as an assistant professor at department 'Providing Information Security" at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies  








Nelson Bank banknelson@hotmail.com the USA , El Paso ,Texas Area Nelson is Director at National Unity in Languages he is a reliable NES and a colleague with Zoom knowledge  
Galina Suleymanova galinasuleymanova2735@gmail.com Uzbekistan, Tashkent Galina is ESP Teacher at TUIT, She was an English chair head in a duration of 15 years  








Primary Contact Halima Ozimova, halmbaprof@gmail.com 

The primary contact is responsible for getting all moderators into the training session, and for communicating deadlines, special events like our live webcasts, and other information to moderators.



Statement of commitment: Each moderator should type the words "I agree" followed by his/her name to show an understanding of and acceptance of the following statement:


I understand that session moderators are required to participate in the 5-week moderators' training session from October 21 until November 18, 2018. The EVO session will be offered between January 13 and February 17, 2019.  I understand that EVO sessions are free of advertising and no commercial sponsorship is allowed. Finally, I understand that EVO sessions are free and open to all and that no academic credit may be given for participation.


I agree, Halima Ozimova 













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Halima Ozimova said

at 4:59 am on Sep 18, 2018

Am searching for images to this session; which one is more impressive and easy for decoding?!
I have chosen this logo because foreign universities are like this shark, equipped with up-to-date tools They are expensive and are so to say a dangerous drain of brains of talented minds

Halima Ozimova said

at 10:02 am on Sep 25, 2018

Vance! I cannot cut and insert properly pictures

Vance Stevens said

at 8:12 pm on Sep 25, 2018

To fix this, first delete the pictures you have placed incorrectly (deletes from here but you can still select them from files and insert them elsewhere). Then
- Click on the place (the cell in the table) where you want the picture to go
- Select the picture and insert it there
- RESIZE it to make it small. To do this go to the lower right of the picture, find the handle (the white box in the lower right) and drag THAT handle toward the center to resize the picture (use only that handle)

Vance Stevens said

at 8:49 pm on Sep 25, 2018

In my last edit, I Right clicked on table rows, selected ROW and Insert Row Before to create additional rows in the table, then I copied names and info on people who had combined two to a row. What about Yokut and Odil? Do they need to go on different rows? Can you create an extra row and copy the information on each person so there is one name per row?

Halima Ozimova said

at 12:30 am on Oct 14, 2018

Vance, for 4 days I cannot open my G-mail box, seems that it does not work?!!! What to do? I can get all #evosessions alerts at my halimaozimova at yahoo

Halima Ozimova said

at 11:28 pm on Oct 14, 2018

Vance! Still, Gmail is not working! Must we migrate with our venue for training from Google+ to other social media? The most comfortable would then be Linkedin, because it is integrated with Yahoo

Vance Stevens said

at 8:54 pm on Oct 15, 2018

Hi Halima, sorry to hear you are having trouble with Gmail. Can you open a second account at Google? Is is only Gmail or is it a Google problem (can't get onto G+C)? Is it only you or is it a problem in UZ? Can you reset your password? Have you tried going there in another browser? I would advise fixing the Gmail problem even with a new account, or appoint from your other moderators someone to manage G+C, rather than migrating at this stage. You would be in untested waters, and people for whom Google is a great part of their world might not follow you there. Try to go where your community is, rather than expecting your community to join you in spaces they aren't tooled up for.

Halima Ozimova said

at 11:07 pm on Oct 25, 2018

Vance,PLZ ,Open an access to the wiki for jurabek05@gmail.com
i am counting on him as a potential moderator

Halima Ozimova said

at 3:21 am on Nov 11, 2018

Dear VANCE! allow to mentioned Uzbekistan's colleagues to be members of https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108464828815278790816

Halima Ozimova said

at 3:43 am on Dec 19, 2018

Dear VANCE! Seems that our moderators are valid?

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